And so it begins… We’re off ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

From the first inkling of an idea some 18 months ago, our plans have moved and changed so much we wondered if we’d ever leave (as I think did most of our family and friends). But now with two resignations submitted, boozy leaving drinks survived (thank you Chicken McNuggets1, you served us well) and two wardrobes of clothes squeezed into an impossibly small space, we’re finally off. As we taxi the runway I can confirm this is definitely happening!

We’ve got just under five months to jet over to the other side of the world and explore two as yet undiscovered continents and, at current reckoning, six unfamiliar countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Alright, so we’re not exactly going off the beaten track, but we are rookie travellers! So I suspect (intend?) we’ll be Glampacking all the way. Oh and in case anyone’s curious after our consultations with more seasoned travellers – we caved and compromised with one backpack and one suitcase. It’s comfy on the fence.

The rules of engagement (tee hee, that wasn’t even a deliberate wedding pun):

  1. don’t spend the house deposit
  2. but do say yes to everything (within reason)
  3. talk to the locals
  4. accept tips from dreadlocked gap year students
  5. don’t come back with gap yah jewellery
  6. but do come back with lots of fun memories

We’ve had a good list of recommendations from people who have visited various parts of the itinerary. We’d love to hear of any more if you have them, email below!

Nothing more to report as we sit still for the next 12 hours. Off to peruse the in-flight movie selection. Ooh and is that the rattle of the gin trolley…

  1. Chicken McNuggets? McChicken Nuggets? We’re not regulars, honest.