Netball is a great sport for a bloke. You get to see lots of women running around in very short skirts, and there are no queues for the loos!

We went to Sydney’s old Olympic Park to watch the Melbourne Vixens get trounced by the NSW Swifts. This completed the hat trick of sporting events in Australia where we’ve chosen the wrong team to support, after the black caps at the cricket and Carlton in AFL. Perhaps we should be choosing the home team each time, rather than just which strip we preferred… Again it wasn’t even close, they were totally dominant. The Swifts were just playing far better, making far fewer errors.

Apparently it was a record crowd for a regular season game at just over ten thousand. It was about 90% female, with plenty of girls netball teams all in full team colours, and the pitch of the cheers was a good octave higher than normal! The best moment was at half time, walking straight into the empty loo. There was no-one here, at half time. Crazy.