Caning it in Bundy Bundaberg

Bundaberg is yet another single-purpose town, but it’s a good one – here they distill sugar cane harvested from miles around to make the world-famous Bundy Rum. While Jo had a coffee and newspapers (and cake) day in cafés in town I hired a bike for a few hours to venture out to the countryside and village-hop along the coast.

The bike is a good way to see an area; you can cover a lot more distance than walking and driving is too fast to get a feel for it. It was nice to linger at some of the many coastal lookouts along the way (not least because my current level of fitness leaves something to be desired…)

It’s very flat around, and fields of cane line up as far the eye can see, swaying in the wind. It was very much like the seas of vineyards in the south of France. There are railway crossings over the road all over the place, really narrow tracks used for carting cane that looks like some overly enthusiastic hobbyist has littered a toy train set all over the landscape!

That evening we engaged in a curious Aussie tradition, and bought a bottle of rum from a drive through bottle shop. Cars and liquor seems an odd combination; Bundaberg Rum and Bundaberg Ginger Beer that night in the campsite was much more of a classic.