Jo, Joe and Jones An Open Letter to Kate

Dear Kate,

It’s great that you’re coming to join us for our spin through Hong Kong and Vietnam, and we’re very much looking forward to that last stretch of the holiday.

We thought now would be a good time to outline the conditions of your trip. I’m sure you’ll find them agreeable.

  1. Guest blog – to be considered a member of the holiday party you’ll really have to get a by-line on the blog
  2. Tour guide – you have excelled as our travel agent, so we’re excited to have our own personal tour guide show us around and provide us with interesting historical facts. You’ll need a colourful umbrella (also it’s monsoon season)
  3. Jogging – you’ll join us for a morning run or two through the (hilly?) streets of Hong Kong, continuing our sporadic efforts at exercise
  4. Karaoke – get your singing voice on, as is the local custom
  5. Re-integration – we’ll need an independent third party to point out any socially unacceptable habits that we’ve picked up in four months on our own before we return to the real world

None of this is negotiable. Oh, you’ve booked the flights already? Then it’s a deal!

See you at the airport,

Joe and Jo x