Dear Mr Campervan Man

I’d like to have a word about campervan design.

I see what you’re trying to achieve with the rooftop bunk, really I do. On paper it’s perfect – a little place to sleep, no need to tidy anything away in the morning, just hop down and get on with breakfast.

The fold out bed is quite ingenious, until you bang your head on it, repeatedly (Joe).

And the bunk seems like an excellent use of rooftop space, until you try to get in. The recommended access route appears to be a clamber from the sofa, over the sink, skirting the hob, to get one leg on the bunk in gymnastic splits. So far, this is just about feasible (as long as you’re over 5’8”). Hauling up the second leg, however, leaves me wedged between the bed and the roof, raucously giggling. Then comes the final challenge of turning and lying down, whilst simultaneously pulling out the bed covers from beneath my wedged behind, to then burrow beneath them. No mean feat, I can tell you.

Further real-life scenario testing required. One might even consider including a handy ladder. Though I suppose that would rather spoil the fun.

Best regards,