Dear Run Club,

We had no idea. London is cold and dry, running is easy. I joined a friend of mine for a Sunday morning 10-ish km group run around MacCritchie Reservoir in the middle of Singapore. From his description I thought this was going to be a nice easy stroll, well within GSA Run Club pace. I’d stick with the fast guys and show them how it’s done in Hyde Park.

It was 8am and already about 30°C. Even the air was practically sweating. The trail was actually mostly shaded by trees, but the humidity was enough to have me on my knees. When we stopped for a water break (who stops during a run?!) just after half way the time was already approaching my Run Club times.

Singapore humidity makes for pathetic running. We’ve been trying to get into the habit of a short daily morning run now that we’re in Australia. The chilly morning breeze was an absolute delight in Adelaide.

Bring on the British weather!

Love and stretches,