Dunedin Middlemarch to Dunedin

Dunedin (done-Edd-in) should be in Scotland. It’s like a small version of Edinburgh, complete with English students as bar staff and takeaways selling pie and gravy. It has a pretty railway station, apparently the most photographed building in the southern hemisphere. I’m always quite sceptical of places where the main draw is the means of getting away.

The museum was a lovely building but a rather unimaginative affair – rather than giving the story of the region with selected exhibits there was just lots of stuff on display and described.

The nearby Otago Peninsula is supposed to be a delightful set of walks along the shore past seal, albatross and penguin colonies. We had a total white-out, so after lunch in the camper we gave up and headed west.

It was a useful stop for an evening out and for some shopping for more warm clothes, and the pub made Jo a cracking apple juice and soda with a squeeze of lemon. Nice town for a quick visit.