Eek. The Australian leg of our trip is over and it’s only a couple of weeks until we come home (sob)! Here are some highlights from our road trip through tropical Queensland:

  1. Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef – Getting up close to an underwater world of multi-coloured fish and spiky, brain-like or clam-shaped coral. It’s just how David Attenborough described it!
  2. Sailing round the Whitsundays – Hauling ropes, befriending Germans and getting soaked under massive waves, while speeding past idyllic islands. Really must save up for a yacht.
  3. Learning to surf – Trying to unearth my inner surfer chick on the Sunshine Coast. And failing. It’s harder than it looks.
  4. Being Dr Doolittle – Feeding dolphins, stroking kangaroos, hunting for cassowaries, spotting crocodiles and hugging a koala – playing with Queensland’s varied wildlife.
  5. Pottering in Brisbane – Returning to civilisation and warm weather after the NZ wilderness, and enjoying the small delights of a roof, showers, shopping and, er, salsa dancing.