I can’t believe we’re already a month into our trip – and having a fantastic time! After much deliberation here’s our top five so far (in chronological order):

  1. Singapore by night – Beautiful skyline, swanky cocktails at MBS, Philppino live band, Orchard Road lady boys. I think that pretty much captures every angle of the city!
  2. Elephant bathtime – Playing with orphaned and injured elephants at a Malaysian sanctuary, just magical!
  3. Cambodian extremes – Alright, we couldn’t pick so this is for the majestic (and Indiana Jones-esque) Temples of Angkor and the horrifyingly depressing Tuol Sleng prison of the Khmer Rouge. A country famous for two very different eras of its history.
  4. Great Ocean Road and beyond – Breathtaking scenery, friendly possums, wine tasting, a night in gaol and a giant lobster. What more could you want from a 1000km drive?
  5. Cricket world cup final – Seeing Australia win the cup in Australia’s most sports-mad city. And flying the England flag with pride as Aussies and Kiwis united to admire our courage.