We spent Sunday at an outdoor stage in front of Marina Bay Sands, with a view over the bay, watching some jazz. For some reason I think my dad is a Courtney Pine fan, so maybe this will make him jealous!

Marina Bay Sands is an architectural work of art, three towers joined at the top by a massive slab lying across them. Earlier in the week with Tones we drank cocktails at sunset at Ku Dé Ta, the bar at the very top. It’s also trying its best to be a gaudy monstrosity. The self-indulgent “The Shoppes” shopping centre at the bottom comes complete with a river running through the middle and gondoliers to take you from Prada to Louis Vuitton.

Anyway, the Jazz Festival is a recent addition to the bay, in its second year. After a brief threat of a storm we settled down for the afternoon on a comfy beanbag – all very civilised.