We’re home! I can’t believe it’s all over already, but what an amazing trip! Some final highlights from month five…

  1. Jo, Joe & Jones – Bonding over sweaty knees, regular meals and laugh-til-you-cry moments. Our new travel buddy Kate was an excellent addition to the team. Though I’m not sure it helped with our reintegration to normal society – turns out she’s just as weird as we are.
  2. Kamikaze road crossings – Ignoring everything we ever learnt about waiting for the road to clear before crossing, in Hanoi we had to take a leap of faith into the path of oncoming traffic, staring determinedly in the hope that Jedi mind powers would kick in and convince the drivers to swerve around us.
  3. Cooking, Vietnam style – Learning to cook delicious Vietnamese dishes with about eight times as many herbs and spices as I’d ever consider at home. Who knew that six cloves of garlic is not too many cloves of garlic? No vampires in Vietnam.
  4. HK skyline at night – Watching the city light up into an unending metropolis of colourful skyscrapers, while Kate ran around the deck of the Star Ferry, squealing with delight.
  5. Tea at the Mandarin Oriental – Making like an expat and enjoying a spot of afternoon tea under sparkly chandeliers. Because there is no such thing as too much cake. Especially not on this trip.