Sadly it’s time for my holiday with you two to come to an end. Thanks for having me along for the ride – it’s been ace!

However, before I head off, I think it’s apt to check in on the Ts&Cs you set me upon joining you. So have I met them? Here’s my take:

  1. Guest blog. Tick. Two, if you include this. Double tick.
  2. Tour guide. Hmmm. I’ve read you informative sections from the guidebook, managed the kitty for at least a day and suggested some fun activities. Does this count? Tick (Let’s not focus on the finer points like the train that couldn’t be booked, and the half-day trip that needed a day. Mere details. So I’m a tour guide who doesn’t like details.)
  3. Jogging. Substituted with kayaking, cycling and waking. Tick, IMO.
  4. Karaoke. We haven’t had the chance. But I have serenaded you on many an occasion with a least one correct line from a number of hits of today and yester-year. Tick, surely?
  5. Reintegration. See separate blog. No tick.

I hope you’ll agree I did ok. Under the circumstances.

So now I’ll bid you farewell – I’ll look forward to seeing both you back in the smoke and in the meantime have an amazing last couple of days of your honeyment.

Kate x